Career changes:

I find myself at a crossroads in my life right now.

I gave up my job as a nanny last month to try and find something else, yet so far I’ve had no luck.

Now I find myself really missing the family I worked with and I’m really down trodden by rejections and no replies for job opportunities.

I am finding it harder than I originally thought the be away from the children, but I worried that if I stayed with them I would never have left, and I would have a degree in Creative Writing and not be doing anything with it. But I gave them three years of my life and they were some very special years for me.

The Franke’s saw me through my degree, my 21st birthday, my house hunting issues, my friendship fall outs, break ups, being sad and some other very important happenings in my life.

And vice versa, I heard Flossie’s first word, watched her first steps, looked after her through her first tummy bug and taught her how to use a knife and fork. I’m going to miss taking Esme for hot chocolates and picking Henry up from the bus stop. I already miss Freya talking my ear off about everything. 

I had hoped that I would have found a new job by now, something that would fill the void that’s been left in me, but so far I haven’t, and I’m depressed. 

Does anyone have any advice that might help me find my motivation again? I’m at a loss here. 


New year, new me!!!!!

I personally think this is an awful concept. 2016 was a crummy year for most people but it’s nothing to do with who you are as a person. The year as a whole just sucked.

So if you want to make some changes, then good for you, but I won’t be. 2017 will not introduce a ‘new me’ because honestly I love who I am and so I won’t be changing that.

I will be making New Years resolutions though. Nothing major, just things that will make me happier and healthier in the long run.

My New Years resolutions are:

  • Do a minimum of three hours exercise every week.
  • Stop dating within my friendship group.
  • Perform one good deed every month.
  • Save £5 every time I break into a large note. 

The truth about setting New Years resolutions is that you have got to set an achievable goal, rather than the impossible. Instead of saying ‘I want to lose 5lbs’ you could say ‘I will take the stairs instead of lifts/escalators’. 

That’s the trick, make your resolutions seem easy and then you’ll be more motivated to do them.

Happy new year everybody 🙂 

H E L P: writers block 

How to deal with writers block:

I don’t know about my fellow writers on here but recently I’ve been suffering with writers block. I started a few projects this year and suddenly I am unable to finish them, and I’m even struggling to open the documents to psyche myself up to write something. 
I asked my friends for tips, and TBH they weren’t helpful. But here’s what I came up with in my day and a half of thinking.
– Go for a loooong walk.
– Do something you wouldn’t usually do.

– Drink a cup of herbal tea.

– Create a playlist tailored to motivation.

– But have another playlist tailored to relaxing/writing.

– Go to a local coffee shop, plug in your headphones and ignore the rest of the world.

And that is all I came up with. If anyone has any other tips, please leave a comment and help a sister out. 

A friend of mine just sent me a message telling me that Writers Block doesn’t exist, that it is a concept based solely on a lack of motivation. So with that new piece of info, I can add that I get motivated by living in a tidy environment, making a to do list and slapping on an amazing play list to get me in the mood to write some stuff.

Another way I’ve tried to tackle my writers block is to give myself a writing deadline, just like when I was at university, to remind myself of a routine that I used to have when I was studying. 

Hope this post helps y’all : 

I lost my Christmas Spirit :(

How to get into the Christmas spirit:

The obvious ones are: Christmas scented candles, the decorations, the movies, the music, but what are the less obvious ones? The ones that make you feel like Christmas isn’t being shoved down your throat?

Maybe having a get together with your friends/family that you don’t get to see too often.

Some people may need to go to a church service or carols by candlelight or tree lighting ceremony to feel Christmassy.

Baking Christmas cookies, building gingerbread houses, all these sorts of things can get you into the Christmas mood.

And failing that, surround yourself with a young child, who still has every hope ahead of them, who still believes in Father Christmas and still has a beautiful light inside of them. There is nothing I am going to miss more than taking the children I nanny to see Father Christmas in his grotto.

I love love LOVE making Christmas decorations with the kids. Last week we made our own snow globes. And soon we’ll be building gingerbread houses and baking Christmas logs for a friendly competition.

And I might be alone with this but I always feel completely satisfied when all my presents are wrapped for my friends and family.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoyed Christmas more when I was a child, because I enjoyed having it thrown down my throat, despite being absolutely terrified of Father Christmas.

I think I’ve just decided that I don’t enjoy Christmas anymore. And I don’t know how to get my childhood back. Maybe a visit to Christmas Tree Lane will help me get my Christmas Spirit back.

22 things I learned by 22

  • It is okay to want to stay home with a bath and a book on Friday nights.
  • It is okay to call the guy first, take control.
  • It is rather empowering to go to the cinema alone, just you, some popcorn and the big screen. 
  • Buy the goddamn dress you keep staring at, go on, I dare you.
  • Try new things. 
  • Don’t hesitate.
  • It’s okay to say no sometimes.
  • It’s also okay to say yes too.
  • Write your feelings down in a letter to someone who has hurt you, and then burn it.
  • Life is too damn short.
  • It’s okay to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life.
  • Don’t wait around for other people, you could be waiting forever.
  • Change your style as often as you want, keeping up with fashion trends is lame anyway.
  • It’s okay if you don’t care about the Kardashians or who wore it better. 
  • Be a feminist and be fucking proud of that fact. 
  • Explore different cities in your country. The world is beautiful and you need to see it.
  • Eat junk food for christs sake.
  • Watch Disney films all day, who cares if they’re baby-ish. 
  • It’s okay to prefer your mum’s company over your friends sometimes.
  • It is okay to be different.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do the things that you want to do.
  • Work your arse off and you’ll get to where you’re supposed to be. 

I don’t like labels, but this one is fine

Usually, I really hate labelling myself. To feel like you’re stuck in one category is very limiting, like I’m more than just ‘a nerd’ or whatever.

But there’s one label that I do enjoy. I enjoy being Bisexual. I enjoy being categorised like that, it makes the stigma easier to deal with if I know what I am and what I’ll have to deal with.

I first realised I liked girls in a non friendly way when I was 10, because I had my very first kiss with a girl in my Year 5 class. We used to play Mum’s and Dad’s and I would always get stuck playing the dad. One day, this girl and I were playing together in my room and I asked her ‘do your mum and dad kiss?’ And she said ‘yes sometimes, do yours?’ To which I replied ‘yeah sometimes’ – there was a brief pause in the conversation which is when I suggested that our game needed to feel more realistic so we added kissing into it.  And I’m not talking about just a peck on the lips.

I used to think I hated this girl, now I can reflect and I realise I wanted to be more than friends with her. She used to think that it was just in the game.

Flash forward to when I’m 17, and at sixth form. There was a girl in the year above who I had a crush on, and one day we hung out at lunchtime in a nearby park. We sat on the swing sets and gossiped and laughed and got really close. One day the two of us are at the same party one evening and in a drunken stupor she kissed me. I was blown away, because I didn’t realise that girl crushes could be retaliated. I’d never experienced that with a girl before. I’d never been knowingly desired by a girl who I desired back. But by the next day, the dream was over. The girl had told me that she was ‘way too drunk’ and that it was just practise for the real thing, which, in her eyes, was with a guy.

Even though it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, I owe this girl a lot. Yeah I was hurt, but, I realised who I was. 

For 3 years after that, I ignored labels and did as I pleased, but I generally dated guys because it was easier. And I still find it easier to date guys, but, that doesn’t make me any less of a bisexual. 

It wasn’t until last year that I fully admitted it to myself. ‘Josie, you like guys, AND you like girls. And that’s ok.’ So I started to tell people. I confided in my housemates, my best friends, other gay people I knew. I downloaded Tinder and changed my preferences to ‘men and women.’ I updated my Facebook information that said which gender I am interested in. I did slight, subtle things like that, instead of openly admitting it, because I was terrified.

The news has slowly made its way around my family, and I don’t really know how they feel about it. It doesn’t change me. It doesn’t change who I am. It’s just a label. 

I mostly think my family think it is ‘just a phase’ but since officially coming out this year, I have tried to make it clear that although I dated a boy this summer, there is a chance that I could have a wife one day. 

I wouldn’t say I’m 50/50. I don’t know if there are statistics on things like this. I know that I’m happiest now that I’ve accepted the label, and hope that the people I love can see that, and accept it too. 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m dying to be more interactive with my followers and for my friends and family members who read this to understand me better, to not just think that I’m going through a phase or attention seeking or whatever. That’s not what this is.