I’m about to tell you why Ross Geller is the WORST character on Friends…

Reasons why Ross Geller sucks:

⁃ The whole ‘we were on a break’ plot. Just no, if you love someone, you don’t sleep with someone else when you have a fight. Even if you think you are broken up.

⁃ Ben is playing with a barbie doll and that means he’s going to be gay oh boo hoo my masculinity is so fragile.

⁃ Said. Someone. Else’s. Name. At. The. Altar!!!!

⁃ Then got mad at Emily for not wanting him to hang out with Rachel- his ex and the girl who’s name he said instead of Emily’s.

⁃ Waited 15 seconds after Joey and Charlie broke up before pouncing on her.

⁃ Got awkward and blah when Joey and Rachel started to date. Hypocrisy!

⁃ Hypocrite about everything. Ben isn’t allowed a Barbie but Ross used to dress up as a woman and have tea parties.

⁃ Continues to belittle his friends when they don’t know/want to talk about dinosaurs.

⁃ Is actually really shallow.

⁃ Counted the amount of times he and Rachel had sex like a creep.

⁃ Was. Obsessed. With. Her.

⁃ Completely dropped Ben from his life when he had Emma with Rachel.

⁃ Doesn’t know the value of consent and kissed Rachel when she was asleep/unconscious (even though it turned out to be Monica but still).

⁃ Ross’s constant sexism and his issue with the male nanny.

⁃ His absurd jealousy over Rachel working with Mark even though Rachel told him 100 times that she didn’t have feelings for Mark and that they were only friends.

⁃ Ross insisting on attending that fashion lecture with her so that Mark wouldn’t go and then falling asleep through it.

⁃ He also fell asleep reading through the letter she wrote him, when she was exposing her vulnerable side and feelings about their situation.

⁃ The fact that he essentially sexually harassed Rachel during the scene where she injured her rib and still has to get ready for an event and she asks Ross to turn around while she gets ready and he refuses because ‘he’s already seen her naked so why does it matter’ and when Rachel explains that it’s different because they aren’t together now, Ross closes his eyes and imagines her naked instead, even though Rachel is clearly upset and uncomfortable by it.

⁃ When he saw Rachel walking around in her apartment naked and assumed that it was an invitation for sex, even though Rachel had not clue that Ross was watching.

⁃ He’s homophobic towards his ex wife just because she left him to be with a woman. Refuses to call her a lesbian and instead says Carol and Susan are ‘close friends’.

⁃ He tried to hook up with his cousin. I mean come on, that’s disgusting.

⁃ He creepily pretended to be a massage therapist because he thought the client was hot. Joke’s on you Ross, you had to give an old man a massage.


Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-One

One of your favourite TV shows.

My favourite television series changes on a regular basis, but at the moment I’m super into Jane the Virgin. 

It’s about a 24 year old woman called Jane, who always had her life planned out. One day she gets accidentally artificially inseminated with hunky Rafael’s sperm, although she is engaged to Michael. She decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, despite being a virgin and hardly knowing the Baby Daddy.

A lot of drama unfolds and ship wars commence and then some murders happen and it is an absolutely brilliant telenovela- which is a genre I had never explored before.

I love the cast, I love the characters, I love the drama and I binge watched the entire second season in less than a week. Top that, bitches. 

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