Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

Your favourite movie and what it’s about.

My favourite movie is called What To Expect When You’re Expecting. It was one of those free films that my best friend Kate and I used to get to see on a regular basis, and so when we first decided to watch it, I wasn’t even sure I would like it.

I was wrong. It was incredible. It is 105 minutes of pure comedy, drama and fun as we follow 5 women on their way to motherhood, each with a different in mind. 

Jennifer Lopez (Holly) is adopting. She is a photographer and is very charismatic and charming. She is married to Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) and when he starts to panic about becoming a dad, she sends him off to ‘dude club’ where he walks in the park with secondary characters who provide gentle comedy and aid him in being ready to become a father.

Jules (Cameron Diaz) meets boyfriend Evan (Matthew Morrison) on dancing with the stars. They tried to keep their relationship a secret until she falls pregnant with his baby. They struggle to decide whether they should circumcise their son or not, all the while Jules tries to remain doing all her exercise that she is used to doing.

Rosie (Anna Kendrick) has a one night stand with Marco (Chance Crawford) but they begin to casually date when she gets pregnant with his child. Their story line takes a turn for the worse, and I won’t say anymore because SPOILERS.

Then comes Wendy (Elizabeth Banks). She runs her own baby store, and has been struggling to get pregnant for two years. It is when her and her husband Gary (Ben Falcone) decide to stop trying does it happen for them. Their story line intertwines with Skyler’s (Brooklyn Decker) who is married to Gary’s dad, Ramsey (Dennis Quaid). The father and son have a rocky relationship, because Ramsey is too competitive with his son. Wendy just wanted ‘The Glow’ that comes with being pregnant, which Skyler seems to have, but instead she has backne, crazy hormones, and unstable thoughts. 

While taking me on an emotional rollercoaster, this movie made me see pregnancy in a new way, and made me 100% certain that I am not ready to be a mother, now matter how broody I get. 


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