Writing Challenge: Day Twenty

How important do you think education is?

I do think that education is important. Learn all that you, as much as you can, in the small allocated window you’ve got the learn it in.

But I am aware that there are other ways to learn. That being stuck in a classroom isn’t great for lots of people. And I 100% agree. If my high school hadn’t completely sucked, I would’ve enjoyed it more. University changed my life, and if anyone is on the fence about going, then just go.

Colleges and universities aren’t just for ‘academic’ folk. There are plenty of options now, media courses, nursing courses, mechanic courses, there’s such a wide variety of things to do that it doesn’t make sense for people NOT to do them. 

I’m aware that university is a lot of money, but there is lots of financial aid for those who need it (I should know, I was helped massively by student finance) and honestly it was the greatest 3 years of my life so I’m happy to be paying off that debt for the rest of my life.

Education is important, especially when children are young. I cannot express the importance of a child knowing how to read, how to tie their shoes, how to count. But that’s not to say that education isn’t the most important thing. Having a healthy, kind and wonderful child is way more important than your kid being ‘smart.’ 

I watch the pressure that the kids I look after are under, and it breaks my heart. 


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