Josie’s Life Hacks

⁃ Smile at strangers.

⁃ Have one caffeine free day every week.

⁃ Have courage, be kind.

⁃ Listen to good music.

⁃ Surround yourself with people who bring you up, not pull you down.

⁃ Never go to bed angry or upset.

⁃ Drink more water than you think you need.

⁃ Eat your vegetables.

⁃ Do your squats.

⁃ Wear red lipstick.

⁃ Don’t let boys be mean to you.

⁃ Read. Read lots. Read everything.

⁃ Put yourself first sometimes.

⁃ Travel.

⁃ Take photos.

⁃ Always choose love.

⁃ Don’t self destruct.

⁃ Tell the people you love that you love them.

– Always put your happiness above everything else. You cannot put a price on your mental health.



Guys I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much recently! Or promoted myself much, but I got an internship! 

I’m working with the events team for Parkinson’s UK and it’s quite full on, I’m loving every minute of it but I’m just getting really tired because of having to babysit most days to earn some money!

Anyway, I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive- I’m going to do better, scouts honour! 


Can someone please restore my faith in humanity please? I’m sick of people.

Let me explain. 

I was coming home on the bus from a babysitting job, a little after rush hour, so the bus was a little busy which is fine because I’m used to it.

I’m standing in the baby pushchair space for two stops and then about 10 seats become available. I head over to one of them, only to be SHOVED – repeat SHOVED – out of the way by someone who was racing me. 

Now not only was I SHOVED by a 30 year old man with no visible disabilities or ailments, but there were at least 10 other seats free, and due to being pushed I then smacked my knee into the metal part of the seat.

I wouldn’t have minded if the guy had said excuse me. But why did he have to shove me out of the way? I’m clearly smaller and younger than him, I just found it so rude.

Anyway, to make matters worse, my knee has swollen up and is badly bruised. And the guy who pushed me got off the bus two stops later. 

So he got to sit down for 2 stops, and I get a damaged knee. Fantastic.

Can anyone tell me some good humanity stories so that I don’t completely lose my mind? Thanks 

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