NYX cosmetics haul

Last months payday saw me treating myself to some new cosmetics, and since NYX allow free delivery on orders over £30, I couldn’t help but splurge on some products!

I treated myself to:

– an eyelash curler (£5.50)

– worth the hype volumising & lengthening mascara (£9.00)

– jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean & Rust (£5.50 each)

– pin up pout lipstick in the shade Lucy (£3.50)

– lip of the day liquid lip liner in the shade Heatwave (£3.25)

First, let’s discuss the mascara. I think this product is great, especially for me with my short eyelashes. This mascara creates volume and length, just like it says in the title. And once paired with the eyelash curler, the end result is an actual dream come true.

The eyeshadow sticks/jumbo pencils are fantastic too. I am terrible at applying make up so if even I can apply eyeshadow, then the product is wonderful! The black bean comes out really harsh, so if you prefer the dramatic look then this is the product for you. The rust comes out in a rose gold colour, and I tend to use this eyeshadow stick for a more day to day style.

I really enjoy the brightness of the pin up pout lipstick, and the colour matches the title perfectly. I feel like Marilyn Monroe whenever I wear it.

However, I didn’t get on with the liquid lip liner. It had a strange taste to it, and the brush is almost too flimsy to use. Make up artists with more skills than I can probably wield the wand, however I struggled, so it isn’t a product I’ll be using again.

I think NYX is my favourite male up brand. I could easily spend every penny I earn there, so I should say ‘tune in next time’ because no doubt there’ll be another NYX cosmetic review after pay day this month.



Dr Organic: a review

So, I know I’m awful because I haven’t posted for nearly a year – oops – so please enjoy this product review from something I tested at the weekend!

I was gifted this product by a friend of mine, who did not want me to use that Instagram pore removal product on my skin. I didn’t listen to him and of course he was right. Do not use the product that has been trending on instagram, especially if you have sensitive skin!

Instead use this: Dr Organic activated charcoal pore cleansing mask. It is amazing, and pain free! Just put a thin layer all over your face (or you can just focus on your problem areas) and leave it on until it’s dry. I paired the experience with a warm bath (with 2-3 drops of baby oil in to sort out my dry and sensitive skin).

I didn’t even have to do my usual moisturising routine after my bath because my body was soft from the baby oil and my face was soft from the mask. I whole heartedly recommend this product! Especially because lately my skin has been threatening to break out in rashes and has a tendency to turn bright red.

After I used the mask, my skin felt and looked noticeably better. I don’t usually suffer badly with my pores, just redness and irritation- and I noticed an immediate improvement after I used the Dr Organic problem. It doesn’t peel off like the Instagram mask, you can wash it off in warm water and it doesn’t take much hard graft to remove.

So what are you waiting for? Pick yours up at Holland & Barrett for £6.99.

Product Review: Epoch Glacial Marine Mud 

 I seem to suffer with bad scarring on my skin, but otherwise I have great skin. I rarely get spots, I don’t have dry or oily patches (mostly because I have combination skin) and if I remember to moisturise twice a day, my skin is always soft. However, when I get a cold, I always get a cold sore, which often leaves a scar. 

A local business, run by Catherine Haggerty-Ricketts (find her on Facebook!!) distributes her own herbal and natural products to combat tired skin and prevent break outs. 

I am honest in my opinion that this mud mask worked wonders, not just on my face but on my stretch marks and anxiety/self harm scars too. I used the mask every day for a week and saw a massive difference! 

I 100% recommend this specific product, but there are lots of other things on offer too! 

I rate the product a glorious 5* and look forward to any future purchases, peace y’all! 

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