Fuckboys vs Softboys

Fuck boys are lame. Sofboys are worse, and I’m not using that term loosely. The Tab recently posted an article about a ‘SoftBoy’ and I never realised that my ex was the latter.

To be honest, I would rather date a fuck boy because at least they’re up front about what they want.
Softboys are way worse. They’re nice to you, they befriend you, and then accuse you of leading them on if you don’t want to be romantically involved with them. Or, you decide to choose the nice guy for once and they end up being the worst, and dullest, mistake of your life.
So to my ex boyfriend, the soft boy… you assumed that I owed you sex because you saw us as being ‘in a relationship’, despite the fact that we didn’t go on one single date. You spent more time with your friends than me but got mad if I did the same. You slept all the time and smoked too much weed. What happened to the ambitious, proactive and free spirited guy I wanted to spend time with? Why did he disappear after one day? Why did you stop trying?
I do not owe you sex because we are in a relationship. You didn’t do anything productive with me to earn it. You didn’t compromise, you didn’t listen, you didn’t do ANYTHING. So no, I am not obliged to sleep with you just because we are dating. 
I’m tired of dating. I just want my lobster to realise that he’s my lobster, so I can get out of this insane lifestyle, and start the greatest adventure of my life. 


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