Career changes:

I find myself at a crossroads in my life right now.

I gave up my job as a nanny last month to try and find something else, yet so far I’ve had no luck.

Now I find myself really missing the family I worked with and I’m really down trodden by rejections and no replies for job opportunities.

I am finding it harder than I originally thought the be away from the children, but I worried that if I stayed with them I would never have left, and I would have a degree in Creative Writing and not be doing anything with it. But I gave them three years of my life and they were some very special years for me.

The Franke’s saw me through my degree, my 21st birthday, my house hunting issues, my friendship fall outs, break ups, being sad and some other very important happenings in my life.

And vice versa, I heard Flossie’s first word, watched her first steps, looked after her through her first tummy bug and taught her how to use a knife and fork. I’m going to miss taking Esme for hot chocolates and picking Henry up from the bus stop. I already miss Freya talking my ear off about everything. 

I had hoped that I would have found a new job by now, something that would fill the void that’s been left in me, but so far I haven’t, and I’m depressed. 

Does anyone have any advice that might help me find my motivation again? I’m at a loss here. 


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  1. No real words of advice besides: don’t give up!
    It’s understandable that you feel a bit lost right now, since the change wasn’t initially what you expected and you’re struck with what you’ve lost… However you made the change for a reason, and even if it isn’t as easy as it might have looked from the outside, what you were doing before wasn’t right either. All I’d say is keep going, this will be a rough patch that you just have to see through ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I’d always say stay productive! Even if it’s not towards your career, make sure you have plans to look forward to, or you do something productive (Writing, Cleaning, Baking, Etc) each day. It makes a great difference ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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  2. I really feel for you! It’s understandable you’d be feel loss after leaving your ‘adopted’ family, so don’t be too hard on yourself if motivation is low.
    For me, when I feel my motivation floundering, it helps to have written down very clear goals and the steps to achieving them – it means each time I complete a step I feel I’ve moved forward.
    Good luck!

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  3. Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about what you are currently going through. I was in the same boat some months ago with no job. It’s a depressive stage, I know. As someone mentioned before, I’d advise you to remain productive during the day with your favorite activities, hobbies and job hunting. There must be something good for you I’m sure. Make the most of this ‘free time’ because once you’re employed, you’d reflect back on these moments and regret not doing a few interesting things.

    It appears that you truly miss the lovely kids. Do pay them a visit now and then. It must be difficult for them too.

    I wish you all the very best in whatever you do. Be strong. And remember- it’s a phase of life, not your destiny. XX

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