New year, new me!!!!!

I personally think this is an awful concept. 2016 was a crummy year for most people but it’s nothing to do with who you are as a person. The year as a whole just sucked.

So if you want to make some changes, then good for you, but I won’t be. 2017 will not introduce a ‘new me’ because honestly I love who I am and so I won’t be changing that.

I will be making New Years resolutions though. Nothing major, just things that will make me happier and healthier in the long run.

My New Years resolutions are:

  • Do a minimum of three hours exercise every week.
  • Stop dating within my friendship group.
  • Perform one good deed every month.
  • Save £5 every time I break into a large note. 

The truth about setting New Years resolutions is that you have got to set an achievable goal, rather than the impossible. Instead of saying ‘I want to lose 5lbs’ you could say ‘I will take the stairs instead of lifts/escalators’. 

That’s the trick, make your resolutions seem easy and then you’ll be more motivated to do them.

Happy new year everybody 🙂 


2 thoughts on “New year, new me!!!!!

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  1. Nice post and some good resolutions! I’ve literally just seen a video on that “save 5 when you break a note” concept and I’m quite interested to try it myself. Hope 2017 yields some positive results for you!

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