H E L P: writers block 

How to deal with writers block:

I don’t know about my fellow writers on here but recently I’ve been suffering with writers block. I started a few projects this year and suddenly I am unable to finish them, and I’m even struggling to open the documents to psyche myself up to write something. 
I asked my friends for tips, and TBH they weren’t helpful. But here’s what I came up with in my day and a half of thinking.
– Go for a loooong walk.
– Do something you wouldn’t usually do.

– Drink a cup of herbal tea.

– Create a playlist tailored to motivation.

– But have another playlist tailored to relaxing/writing.

– Go to a local coffee shop, plug in your headphones and ignore the rest of the world.

And that is all I came up with. If anyone has any other tips, please leave a comment and help a sister out. 

A friend of mine just sent me a message telling me that Writers Block doesn’t exist, that it is a concept based solely on a lack of motivation. So with that new piece of info, I can add that I get motivated by living in a tidy environment, making a to do list and slapping on an amazing play list to get me in the mood to write some stuff.

Another way I’ve tried to tackle my writers block is to give myself a writing deadline, just like when I was at university, to remind myself of a routine that I used to have when I was studying. 

Hope this post helps y’all : 


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  1. Erk, writers block is naaasty! These are some really good ideas for dealing with it. Doing other things, is effective, but I’ve found if you write down what you want/need from writing first, that helps. It could be something like ‘needed: a thousand words about Colonel Tarquin’s journey into the jungle’, or ‘figure out motivation for the rebellion of spiders’. Even just something vague like ‘think of five short story ideas’. Then go do something else, like you’ve said and I’ve found the ideas I need, or solutions I’m stuck on, are more likely to come to me.
    Good luck

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  2. Whenever I get writers block I normally just put the writing assignment aside and come back to it a few days/week later (obviously that depends on if you have a tight deadline) and I find coming back with a fresh pair of eyes its much easier to start working again. Also if you put it out of your mind completely and ‘free’ up your mind, you’ll find you end up being inspired on the bus, or in a coffee shop where you overhear a conversation and are then able to start again. Hope that helps!

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