The types of friend you have in your 20s…

The party girl: this is the girl who is always up for a night out. She gets you into all the cool, hip bars and is essentially the best wing woman you could ever have.

The guy you should be dating: this is the guy you have been friends with for so long but should be romantically involved with. You guys hang out for extended periods of time and can cuddle without thinking anything of it. Lock it in before it is too late. 

The friend of a friend: these are the people that you see at parties because you have the same mutuals. You may be friends on Facebook it that doesn’t mean you are ~friends~. 

The friend who has the same hobbies as you: this is the person you can do things with, such as see live music or a sporting event because you have the same hobbies. No one thinks it is weird that you hang out so much because you have so much in common. 

The friend who prefers to stay in: this is the friend you need to keep close to you. When you have spent too much money or don’t feel like partying, a girlie night in will always be available with a friend like this in your life. 

The friend you are banging, or would like to be banging: this is a friend that you either have history with, or chemistry with, and you’re either already hooking up, or it’s only a matter of time until you are. Keep this friend around, they’re good for you.

The friend that you kiss when you’re drunk: everyone has one. They are your go to when you have had a drink or need a confidence boost. 

The friend you can do hipster things with: because let’s face it, not a lot of people will go to poetry readings and see French films with you. 

The friend who loves comic books: you met this person at Comiccon and only see them twice a year. 

The friend who is basically family: this person gets invited home for Sunday roasts, and probably texts your mum with the latest gossip. 

The person who tags you in memes: this person is good for one thing, and that’s showing you funny memes that they think you’ll like. 

The friend you see once a year: but when you see each other, it is like no time has passed at all. 

The friend that is always busy: you see this person at birthdays and reunions because they work so much and never sleep.

The friend that mothers you: this person watches over you to make sure you don’t make bad lifestyle choices.

The friend that makes bad lifestyle choices: if you can’t think of who this friend is, chances are it is you. 


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