Post concert blues 

I saw the Lumineers and they ruined my life..

Do you ever hear a song that means so much to do, and then find out how powerful and meaningful the lyrics actually are? That happened to me last night. 
I went to The Lumineers concert in Hammersmith (a belated birthday present from my favourite person) and they ruined my life. 
The band, made up of: Neyla, Wesley and Jeremiah, are a folk-rock band from Colorado. Their quirky sound and emotive songs create a dynamic and unique sound. 
The group performed their song ‘Charlie Boy’ which I originally heard be played in Reign, but before performing it they gave us a little insight about what it meant. The song stands against war and how the loss of a life can affect somebody. I was crying by the end.
Folk music is such an underrated genre. The only female in the band, Neyla, plays the cello. I find that so incredible, she has such a talent and it was euphoric to watch her perform.
The lead singer, Wesley, has so much charisma and stage presence, it was a miracle I didn’t run up on stage to dust with him. His voice is so raw, I was enticed.
At one moment, the band ditched their microphones, saying they ‘missed the intimacy of a small venue’ and the crowd watched in silence as they sang ‘where the skies are blue’ and I was in awe of how respectful the fans were. 
I had terrific seats, section 4 of the circle, right in the middle of the action. From the moment I sat down, I knew how different this gig would be to any that I was used to. I was surrounded by Americans, who clearly didn’t know the British etiquette: don’t show emotion, don’t stand up, and don’t get drunk. My friend and I thought it was funny.
I can’t express how important live music is. If you have a favourite singer/band, go and see them live. It is such a euphoric feeling. The intimacy and insight you get from watching your favourite artist is incredible, and you learn so much about their process and life. So incredible. And you find yourself lost in a crowd of people who feel exactly the same things as you. 


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