Meninists: I have something to say

Dear ‘meninists’,

Let me tell you why I am a feminist. 

I’m a feminist because…
– Because I felt so guilty and ashamed for an entire year because I was taken advantage of at a party on my first day of university. Because I was forced to do things with somebody I didn’t even know, because society tells me that it’s ‘okay’ for him to break the law for ’20 minutes of action.’

– Because when I spoke to on campus security about what happened to me, the first thing they asked me was ‘what were you wearing?’ 

– Because I feel an ever growing wave of anxiety when I’m walking the streets at night and a strange man has no sense of personal boundaries.

– Because I was followed home in broad daylight and sexually harassed and no one did anything to help me.

– Because when returning home from work on the train I was sexually harassed by an old man, and when he went to cop a feel I shot him down, which is when he started to verbally abuse me. Again, nobody thought to stand up for me. 

– Because I decided to take kickboxing classes so that I would know what to do if I was ever attacked. 

– Because if I don’t have sex, I’m a prude, and if I do have sex, I’m a slut.

– Because if I show my body off I’m too revealing and a bad role model but if a male reveals his body he is ‘sexy’.

– Because plus sized models aren’t a common thing, and they should be. 

– Because they shouldn’t be considered ‘plus size’ because they don’t fit society’s ‘size zero’ campaign. 

– Because when I came out as bisexual, most people accused me of attention seeking, or going through a phase. 

– Because members of the LGBT community are still being victimised and oppressed. They’re still being hated and attacked and murdered even though we can’t help who we love.

– Because if I put my career ahead of my love life, I’m ‘ruining my chances of finding a date’.

– Because journalism has completely gone downhill, and only reports on gossip now. 

– Because cultural appropriation exists, and it shouldn’t.

– Because white washing exists, and it shouldn’t.

– Because men get raped too, and it is ‘shameful’ for them to ‘not enjoy it’ and therefore they feel that they cannot speak out.

– Because America wants to remove the Native American burial grounds to put in a pipe line, and someone got shot by a policeman at a peaceful protest to defend the lands. 

– Because American cops are killing unarmed black people first, and asking questions later.

– Because Sandra Bland was killed inside her prison cell, and it was covered up and made to look like a suicide.

– Because black actors and actresses aren’t getting the recognition they should for doing the exact same role as a white person, and probably even doing a better job.

– Because the directors and producers who cast non-disabled actors to play disabled characters (me before you, the fundamentals of caring) are still creating messes and not bothering to clean them up.

– Because the US presidential candidates were an accused rapist and an ex-attorney who defended people who rape. 

– Because even though Hillary Clinton got more votes, Donald Trump still takes the presidency because of a messed up voting system.

– Because America would rather have a president who ‘grabs women by the pussy’ than an actual woman. 

– I’m a feminist because I have common sense.

Being a feminist is not about hating men. It’s about being oppressed for thousands of years and fighting for the rights that men took away from us in the first place. 

So please, tell me how my feminism is about hating all men? 


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