Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven

A strange habit that you have. 

Okay, so I have this very strange habit whenever I do a journey. My thing is, that I need to return from my journey in a full circle. 

Here is an example: when going to my best friend Chrissi’s house, I cut through the park, hop on the x26 bus route and then I’m at hers. Now to return, I have to go back the way I came, even though there are many other ways that I can get back home. 

Another example is: when I go to Bushy Park (Teddington) there are many different entrances and exits that you can enter or exit through. If I go through one of the entrances, I have to exit through the same gate. I can’t leave through another one, so even if I end up having to walk an extra 30 minutes, that’s what I do. 

I do this with most journeys, and sometimes when I physically can’t do it, I get anxious. The only battle I’m winning right now is my walk to work and then getting a bus back. The only thing I’m feeling with that is fitter. 


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