Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Five 

Someone who fascinates you and why… 

Honestly, someone who truly fascinates me is my friend Zoe. 

I will never understand how she can be so kind, so honest and so moral in such an awful world.

She is so strong, and so lovely and every little thing she does makes me feel so good about myself and so warm inside. She’s the light in the darkest corners of the earth and it always fascinates me how someone can just be so lovely. 

She is extraordinary. Zoe got injured a while ago, and she hasn’t been able to play rugby since, but she still shows up to her teams practises and shows the girls her support and helps in any way that she can. I would not be so graceful if the roles were reversed. 

She is a crazy talented writer, but she doesn’t think she is. Zoe makes everything seem lighter, and I will always be fascinated by her strength and her grace. 


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