Writing Challenge: Day Eighteen

Your favourite book.

My favourite book, aside from the Harry Potter series, has to be ‘All The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven, ‘My Heart and Other Black Holes’ by Jasmine Warga or ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. 

I have spent the last three years reading and rereading all three books and trying to decide which one is my favourite, but I can’t.

They are all connected by a common theme: death

Not in a depressing-puts-you-in-a-funk-makes-you-want-to-die kind of way. In an educational, emotional and expressive kind of way. In ‘ATBP’ Finch meets Violet, both of them in a very depressed state of mind, albeit Violet’s depression is more connected to grief and Finch’s is connected to his brain. They’re an unlikely couple, but seem to make it work, until Finch can’t stand being a burden to Violet anymore. (I won’t discuss the plot anymore, I don’t want to spoil it.) The dual point-of-view usually doesn’t work for me, but this time, it’s the best thing I’ve ever read.

‘LFA’ is a classic coming of age novel. Miles transfers to a boarding school, to go and seek a Great Perhaps. He meets his Great Perhaps, in the form of friendship and love. His partners in crime, The Colonel and Alaska make his journey all the more enjoyable as we follow his new life. John Green writes his characters with such precision and delicate care that it is no wonder that I love this book so much.

‘MHAOBH’ is another book about depression. Aysell live in a small town, where everyone knows her business, especially the part about her father killing some poor innocent athlete. We join Aysell has she tries to deal with the after math of this, the lingering stares and vacants expressions from her fellow classmates are enough to make her want to kill herself. So she joins an online forum, finds a guy who also wants to kill himself, and befriends him. They plan to end their lives together, because apparently you are more likely to succeed if you have a buddy.

These books are my top 3, and they’re all written in the same genre that I want to write in. They are my biggest inspiration. 


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