Writing Challenge: Day Fifteen

15 interesting facts about me… 

  1. I love making lists.
  2. I secretly love dating.
  3. I low-key believe in star signs.
  4. I think I’ve already met the person I’m going to marry.
  5. My friends mean everything to me.
  6. I am a bisexual.
  7. I’m a pretty decent writer.
  8. I don’t feel like myself unless I have pastel hair.
  9. I caught the travel bug.
  10. I also caught the tattoo bug.
  11. I will fully admit to being a hipster.
  12. I hate being away from my mum for too long.
  13. I’m actually a lot funnier than people expect me to be.
  14. I love watching modern crime television series.
  15. Autumn is my favourite season. 

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