Writing Challenge: Day Fourteen

Your earliest memory.

I mean, honestly I had a great childhood. I grew up with loving and supportive parents, a caring and protective older brother and an extended family who grew up as my best friends.

Most of my early memories include them. 

Sunday’s at our grandparents, heading straight to the freezer to get a Magnum or a Cornetto. Lining up in front of the fridge while my man squirted whipped cream directly from the CAN into our mouths. Faking being sick so that I could skip a day off school and hang out with my grandparents instead. Summer BBQ’s at uncle Jeff’s or Gary’s or Steve’s. Playing with all the dogs (or whatever pet Jessie had sneakily brought home) and being the baby of the family (until Bethany that is!) 

My earliest memories include my wonderful family, whom I wouldn’t be here without. 


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