Writing Challenge: Day Six

What is your star sign and is it accurate? 

I’m a Libra, and we are widely known for being peace keepers, flirtatious and a little sensitive. 

There are many other characteristics of a Libra, but these three are the most well known. I would say I fall into 2 out of 3 of the popular characters. 

I certainly do try to keep the peace, I always have and I really hate confrontation. 

I also am very flirtatious. In fact, because of my flirtatious nature, it means that I can connect with so many different people (it’s just my anxiety that sometimes holds me back.) 

But I’m not sensitive. I used to be, but only because people would expect me to be, and so that is how I would react to something. But I am damn strong and I’m not about being sensitive anymore.

So I would say that I am definitely, very, very Libra, and there is no bloody way that I am letting NASA change that. 


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