Writing Challenge: Day Thirty-One

What are your goals for the upcoming month?

This month I hope to:

  • Finish writing A Dozen Ways To Die
  • Continue to post bi-weekly on my blog 
  • Open up to my parents a little more
  • Save some money (even if it’s only £100)
  • Get an interview for an internship
  • Listen to other people more

Writing Challenge: Day Thirty

Someone you admire.

It goes without saying that someone I really admire is my mother. She is the strongest person I know.

My mum takes every awful thing that life throws at her and comes out stronger on the other side. I don’t understand how she does.

She is kind, graceful, truthful, beautiful, loving, caring and she does so much for me and the rest of my family. 

Everyone relies on my mum, and everyone respects her opinion. She can sense who is good for me and who isn’t. She isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m doing wrong. She loves me in spite of the things I do wrong. 

She makes it easy to talk to her about most things.

Of course we have our ups and downs, but that’s only because we’re best friends. And best friends bicker. 

Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Nine

Name 10 people, dead or alive, that you would have at a dinner party. What would be on the menu?

The guests: 

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. John Lennon
  4. Amy Winehouse
  5. Alfred Enoch
  6. Matthew McConnaughey
  7. Audrey Hepburn
  8. Emma Watson
  9. Bernie Sanders
  10. Marilyn Monroe

The menu:

  • To start: homemade spring rolls with a sweet chilli dip
  • For the main: blue suede burger with steak cut chips, homemade onion rings and homemade coleslaw
  • For dessert: blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake 

Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven

A strange habit that you have. 

Okay, so I have this very strange habit whenever I do a journey. My thing is, that I need to return from my journey in a full circle. 

Here is an example: when going to my best friend Chrissi’s house, I cut through the park, hop on the x26 bus route and then I’m at hers. Now to return, I have to go back the way I came, even though there are many other ways that I can get back home. 

Another example is: when I go to Bushy Park (Teddington) there are many different entrances and exits that you can enter or exit through. If I go through one of the entrances, I have to exit through the same gate. I can’t leave through another one, so even if I end up having to walk an extra 30 minutes, that’s what I do. 

I do this with most journeys, and sometimes when I physically can’t do it, I get anxious. The only battle I’m winning right now is my walk to work and then getting a bus back. The only thing I’m feeling with that is fitter. 

Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Six

How would you spend £1,000,000?

If I had one million pounds, the first thing I would do would be to pay off my student loans.

The next thing I would do, would be to buy a 3 bedroom flat in the Richmond/Twickenham/Teddington area.

Then I would put some of the money away in a savings account for the future. I would also donate some to a few charities of my choice. 

With the remaining money, I would take my best friends and my mum away on holiday, maybe to California or Hawaii. Somewhere completely new. And obviously I would need a whole new wardrobe for the holiday too. 

These may sound like superficial ways to spend the money, but I hate that I’ve got £33,000 worth of debt hanging over my head, I hate that my mum has done so much for me and all I can afford to do is buy her a candle at Christmas time. My best friends have been so supportive of me and I want to show them how much I care. So yeah, I would take them on holiday, and I wouldn’t feel guilty about it. 

Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Five 

Someone who fascinates you and why… 

Honestly, someone who truly fascinates me is my friend Zoe. 

I will never understand how she can be so kind, so honest and so moral in such an awful world.

She is so strong, and so lovely and every little thing she does makes me feel so good about myself and so warm inside. She’s the light in the darkest corners of the earth and it always fascinates me how someone can just be so lovely. 

She is extraordinary. Zoe got injured a while ago, and she hasn’t been able to play rugby since, but she still shows up to her teams practises and shows the girls her support and helps in any way that she can. I would not be so graceful if the roles were reversed. 

She is a crazy talented writer, but she doesn’t think she is. Zoe makes everything seem lighter, and I will always be fascinated by her strength and her grace. 

Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

Your favourite movie and what it’s about.

My favourite movie is called What To Expect When You’re Expecting. It was one of those free films that my best friend Kate and I used to get to see on a regular basis, and so when we first decided to watch it, I wasn’t even sure I would like it.

I was wrong. It was incredible. It is 105 minutes of pure comedy, drama and fun as we follow 5 women on their way to motherhood, each with a different in mind. 

Jennifer Lopez (Holly) is adopting. She is a photographer and is very charismatic and charming. She is married to Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) and when he starts to panic about becoming a dad, she sends him off to ‘dude club’ where he walks in the park with secondary characters who provide gentle comedy and aid him in being ready to become a father.

Jules (Cameron Diaz) meets boyfriend Evan (Matthew Morrison) on dancing with the stars. They tried to keep their relationship a secret until she falls pregnant with his baby. They struggle to decide whether they should circumcise their son or not, all the while Jules tries to remain doing all her exercise that she is used to doing.

Rosie (Anna Kendrick) has a one night stand with Marco (Chance Crawford) but they begin to casually date when she gets pregnant with his child. Their story line takes a turn for the worse, and I won’t say anymore because SPOILERS.

Then comes Wendy (Elizabeth Banks). She runs her own baby store, and has been struggling to get pregnant for two years. It is when her and her husband Gary (Ben Falcone) decide to stop trying does it happen for them. Their story line intertwines with Skyler’s (Brooklyn Decker) who is married to Gary’s dad, Ramsey (Dennis Quaid). The father and son have a rocky relationship, because Ramsey is too competitive with his son. Wendy just wanted ‘The Glow’ that comes with being pregnant, which Skyler seems to have, but instead she has backne, crazy hormones, and unstable thoughts. 

While taking me on an emotional rollercoaster, this movie made me see pregnancy in a new way, and made me 100% certain that I am not ready to be a mother, now matter how broody I get. 

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