Sadness :( 

     I’ve never opened up about this before. Not so publicly anyway. I just feel like it is an important issue that needs to be raised, because someone needs to say it. 

It’s ok to be sad sometimes.
     There is so much stigma around mental health issues, and I know that I personally feel like I have to hide my problems away, instead of being open about them. 
     The media put so much pressure on people to be perfect and whenever somebody does break, they ridicule them for it, and call them ‘crazy’.

     Crazy is a not a nice word.

     So I’m here to say, it’s okay to be sad sometimes. It’s okay to let your feelings cloud your mind and take a ‘mental health day’. It’s okay to cry into your bowl of cornflakes. It’s okay to stay in bed all day. It’s okay to put your sadness first sometimes, just as long as you make room for the happiness to. 

     Sometimes we have to cry an ocean full of tears to make room for a rainbow full of smiles.

     I’ve been sad. And sometimes I still am sad. More often than not I am really fucking sad. Depression is a nasty, nasty thing. It’s the dark cloud hanging over my head that I never asked for. It’s the hollow ache in my chest because the sunshine has gone away. It’s a numbness, where sometimes I can’t feel a single thing. 

     Most of the time, I can ignore it. Because sometimes it’s not quite a prominent feature in my existence. Sometimes. So I just wanted to say that sometimes it is okay to not be okay. If you want to cry, shout, scream, hit something- then it is probably best to do that. 

     Sometimes, the sadness takes over and all I can see is black. It’s like that scene in Alice in Wonderland when she falls down the rabbit hole, and it looks like she’s never going to stop falling. That’s what it feels like to me. It feels like I’m falling, falling, falling into a black pit of nothingness. And sometimes, it’s all I can do not to start shrieking because I am so terrified. 

     I do not have the shrieking days often, most days it’s just a hollow feeling, self loathing and tears that won’t stop. I can always tell when I’m spiralling too, my warning signals can be obvious, to the right people.

    The first thing you need is a great support system. Even if it is just one person in your life who looks out for you, sometimes one person is all it takes. I can channel my emotions into my writing, so if I don’t feel like talking (which is quite often the case) then I still have a way to release my negative energy. 

    And yes, being sad is what you need sometimes. But don’t let it take over your life, don’t let it consume you. Because you’re a superstar, and nothing is going to take your light away. 

    On a sub note, my wonderful friend Chris is a YouTuber, and he recently made a video discussing sadness. I really think it’s worth a look, I’ve watched it at least a dozen times now and I’m so inspired. If you want to watch this video also, check the link below.

Thanks for checking in everyone 🙂 


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  1. Fabulous, well said. I feel exactly the same. Its good to hear your words, its like you are talking from inside my own head. More people need to be open about sadness. Its a way of life for some of us but its always temporary. A friend of mine is a photographer and he likes to refer to the down times as simply “a snapshot”. A moment in time, an image of self. It doesn’t define you its just a part of you, in the same way as your smile and your heart are a part of you. Writing is a way of expressing our inner most feelings, in a way that we might not dare to express verbally. Its important to express your feelings written or verbal. Keep going, embrace the sadness when you need to, it will help you to the other side of the rainbow. Always keep communicating with your “go to person” though, they will help you find your way to the rainbow gold…

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