Friend zoned by a Feminazi

I do apologise, for telling you lies, about what I had in mind.

I talk too much, and smile as such, and you mean to wind me up.

A brief hug, this does not mean love, yet you still try to fit me like a glove.

You buy me drinks, too often wink, boy please just stop and think.

I say ‘stop’ and ‘can you not’ but you say ‘baby you’re so hot.’

I push you away, we call it a day, ‘you’re such a tease’ you always say.

You were my friend, but now it’ll end, because it was friendship you didn’t intend.

How naive was I, to think you a nice guy, to fuck me was all you would try. 

I didn’t know, this was part of a show, so now you need to go.

As we part ways, your mind will erase, the pain on my face, as I hid from your embrace. 


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