Tips for surviving University

Tips & Tricks: what I should’ve done

– If you’re a latte lover, like me, order a flat white coffee instead.. It is a whole pound cheaper and will save you tonnes in the long run! 

– To save money on travel, walk to wherever you need to go. It’s healthier and cheaper! And sometimes a long walk is the best therapy you need.

– Don’t buy the freshers wristband. No one goes to every single event, so you’ll save money by only going to the events you want to go to.

– Pre drinking is so so so important. Not only is it more sociable, it means you spend less money when you’re out and you’ll enjoy your company more.

– Split the cleaning jobs between you and your housemates. Create a rota if you need to. 

– Buy carbs in bulk, rice and pasta will keep for a long time.

– Buy frozen vegetables – they last longer and are actually still really good for you! 

– Cut your hair yourself, not excessively but keep the ends neat and tidy by trimming them yourself.

– Keep an eye on your calendar, be more organised. 

– Shop in the reduced section of supermarkets. Most food can be frozen and kept for a long time!

– Take advantage of the free condiments that you are offered in cafes and restaurants. 

– Don’t take your card out with you on a night out.

– Don’t buy unnecessary things.

– Drink coffee at home.

– Host house parties/gatherings instead of going clubbing.

– Get public transport instead of taxi services. 

– Put the money you need to use for rent away until you need it, then you won’t be tempted to spend it.

– Staying in can be more fun than going out with the right company. 

– Even though the temptation may be strong, avoid getting too many take aways. A bacon sandwich or frozen pizza cures a hangover just as well as a Dominoes. 

– Don’t join a gym. There are tonnes of free exercise videos on YouTube that will aid you in any weight loss you feel that you need. 

– Write out all your deadline dates and keep them in your sight at all times. If you know when they are, it won’t take you by surprise when you have lots of work to do in a short space of time.

These are just twenty one ways to help you survive university. They are certainly things I should have done. 
Tune in on Friday for a book review – peace šŸ™‚ 


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