Crazy Rich Asians: a review

I bribed my 15 year old cousin to come and see this film with me, but we ended up both loving it anyway.

This film, from the adapted novel Crazy Rich Asians, is a MASTERPIECE.

Set in the paradise of Singapore, Nick Young takes his girlfriend Rachel Chu home to meet his family. Although he’s kept a secret from her: his family come from money, a lot of it.

Of course there are complications, of course there is drama: but that’s what makes this movie so great! We fall for Nick’s charming nature and Rachel’s kind heart, and absolutely we are rooting for them.

Each wonderful actor brings something to the table. Astrid is the kind, charitable billionaire who hides her expensive shopping from her husband. There’s Alastair, the film director, who is dating a gold digging actress and Eddie who is ‘all about family’ but he and his wife hate each other. There’s Bernard Tai, who throws his money on expensive parties and cheap women. Oliver is our rainbow sheep of the family, working in fashion and design. The girls are fake and hate Rachel instantly, especially Nick’s manipulative ex girlfriend.

This film has everything: catty women, funny one liners (looking at you Peik Lin) and cute chemistry between the Stars. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and as any film critic knows, that’s the best type of film.

Nick and Rachel have decided to visit because it is Colin Khoo (Nick’s best friend) and Araminta Lee’s wedding. As is usual in the Chinese culture, this event is a large scale family affair, and the festivities start a few days before. There is a sit down dinner, a grand party, the stag do and hen parties and all sorts of amazing, grand gestures.

The catch is: Rachel was born in New York, making her Chinese-American and she comes from a single parent household. She is seen as foreign to the Young family. She works her bum off to try and get Nick’s family to accept her, but in the end they cast her out.

I won’t say too much more though, but I will assure you that there is a happy ending.

Although for me, the story wasn’t even about Nick and Rachel. The story was about Singapore. Of the culture, and the family feuds, and the wealth. This film highlighted the glory of Signapore and it sparked something in me. This film felt like home.


Let’s just admit it: Sierra Burgess is a loser SUCKS!

Hi there, I’m back and with a smashing review of the latest Netflix original movie: Sierra Burgess is a loser. If you haven’t seen it already, honestly don’t bother because it’s awful.

Enter Sierra, a frumpy-yet-intelligent 17 year old with no personality to speak of. Enter Veronica, the school bully with lots of layers and character development and we soon learn that she is fiercely loyal and not as judgemental as predicted. And Jamey, poor, poor Jamey who gets catfished by Sierra pretending to be Veronica.

Jamey ends up with Sierra’s phone number instead of Veronica’s, but instead of telling the truth, Sierra decides to pretend to be Veronica because she thinks he is cute. That’s the sanest idea I’ve ever heard…not.

In exchange for help with her studying, Sierra propositions Veronica onto helping her catfish Jamey. Not cool. We soon learn that Veronica is very self conscious of her intelligence, or what she has been told is a lack there of. She is constantly put down by her mother by saying she should only care about her looks, and the deeper issues of that lie with her mother’s fading youth due to the fact that her husband/partner left her for a 22 year old. This develops into interesting character development for Veronica, who you would assume is a bossy, privileged, spoiled, rich girl and it turns out that she isn’t that way at all. She is deeply insecure and honestly the only reason I kept watching this stupid film.

Cue to Jamey asking Sierra-as-Veronica on a date, which Sierra makes Veronica attend. Veronica says lovely things about her friend Sierra (undeserved tbh) and then Jamey leans in for a kiss. Meanwhile Sierra is hiding under a Jeep and listening in. When she learns that Jamey wants to kiss Veronica, he is made to close his eyes, and Sierra kisses him instead. Not that is not okay. Jamey did not consent to that and I am not here for the subtle rapey context and if it had happened to a woman there would be outrage.

Now there’s a big game at the school, between Jamey’s football team and the team at Veronica and Sierra’s school. Jamey, quite rightly, thinks he is dating Veronica, and heads over to kiss her hello. Veronica, taken aback, doesn’t push him off right away, and Sierra sees the whole thing. In her anger, she hacks into Veronica’s Instagram account and posts a screenshot of her DMs in which he ex boyfriend cruelly dumps her. It then goes viral, obviously, and Sierra makes an enemy of herself to many people. She then writes a sappy song and is instantly forgiven. I mean, sure the song was great but she didn’t actually apologise to anyone, not Veronica, and especially not Jamey, yet she is still forgiven and in the end gets the guy?

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. I don’t think it sends a positive message out. Go and watch MTV’s catfish and tell me that what they’re doing is okay. It’s not okay. Sierra should not have been rewarded for her behaviour, especially when she didn’t actually apologise or try to make amends.

This movie is no To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Go watch that again and don’t waste your time on this filth.

10 things you absolutely do not know about me:

  1. I still buy DVDs even though I have access to 4 different streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows on, there’s just something about owning a physical copy of your favourite movie/TV series that I can’t explain.
  2. The ideal first date for me is bowling, followed by hitting the arcade and then drinks/coffee. I think it’s the best way to get to know someone and to see if you mesh well together. Playing arcade games is a great way to see how uptight and competitive a person can be.
  3. I have been musically trained in singing since the age of 8. I can carry a tune quite well, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the perfect genre of singing for me: country. If I had known this 10 years ago, I would’ve been a successful country artist by now. I feel like it is too late for me to get started, since I’m completely out of practise right now.
  4. My room is very cluttered. As well as owning lots of DVDs, I also own lots of books, make up, clothes and other general clutter. My dream is to get rid of it all, and keep my room tidy all the time and to adhere to a minimalist style of living. I have started with my wardrobe and my make up kits, and will hopefully be able to move on to other clutter quite soon. I need to get an additional bookcase and some shelving in my room for my books and DVDs and I think that will make quite a big difference.
  5. Sometimes I write poetry about myself, about what is happening to me and the things I am feeling. However I find it very easy to slip into the skin of someone else, and write a poem based on who they are and what they’re seeing. Sometimes third party poetry is the best kind of poetry.
  6. My favourite book is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I met the writer in 2015 and it completely changed my life, especially when she read an excerpt out from the book. I reread the book twice a year, to remind me that I am here and to leave things behind and to make my mark on this world. Reading this book is especially helpful when I’m feeling depressed and anxious.
  7. Speaking of depression and anxiety, sometimes I really worry about myself. Sometimes I purposefully don’t look when I cross the road, and I sort of hope a car will be going slightly too fast and kill me on impact. Sometimes I look up razor blades on Amazon and consider buying a couple to finish the job, or at least to match the scars I have on my left side. I worry about myself. But no one else seems to be worried about me.
  8. I like to dye my hair a lot, but I actually only do it when I’m feeling upset about something. Lately I have been anxious about my job, so I recently dyed my hair a Rustic Rose colour (of course only 2 people noticed, but what can I do about that) to cheer myself up. I always change my hair style after a break up, because it is a symbol of me letting a part of myself go and embracing change. I usually dye my hair once I’ve moved on from the break up. Other times I dye my hair because I’m bored and fancy spicing up my life a bit. I am half tempted to try and set a world record for the largest amount of colours on one head, but I think my friend Sammie* might give me a run for my money in that department.
  9. I don’t believe in the grey area, things are either black or they are white. I am both black and white sometimes. Both nervous and loud. Both impulsive and uptight. Both lazy and ambitious. Both messy and tidy. Both an incredible person and someone who makes terrible mistakes, and regularly. Both someone who helps people and hurts people. Both hating my current employment status and too scared to leave. Both a functioning alcohol and teetotal.
  10. I am both an introvert and an extrovert, meaning I possess qualities of both. I believe this is called an Ambivert. I can sometimes become a leech for social interaction, and other times I am just happy to sit in my bedroom and avoid other people. I find it very easy to get lost in a world of fiction, be it books, films or television shows. Sometimes, after an exhausting day of being sociable at work, I hide in my room at home for the remainder of the evening. Other times, I can be the most sociable butterfly you’ve ever seen.

NYX cosmetics: a shopping spree

I bought some new make up and it actually brought my out of my depressive funk!

I treated myself to some new NYX cosmetics, as my local town now has its own store full of products at my disposal. It was a complete whim, as I haven’t worn make up for weeks, the last time was probably for my Garden Gathering on the 30th June. I’ve just not had the energy to make the effort in the morning lately, probably due to the aforementioned depression and rising stress levels and chronic anxiety.

But I found myself drawn into NYX. I was early to meet my friend, and wanted to stay by our meeting place, so I guess it just made logical sense. I was chatting to someone who worked in the store and asked her how long make ups shelf life was. She listed off some figures and the gist is, less than you think. I’ve been (slowly) trying to do that minimalist living thing, and trying to de clutter my room and my life. So my thought process was to buy all new stuff, and then chuck out all the stuff I have at home that I never use. I bought one eyeshadow palette that has all my go to colours on it, a new mascara, a new eyeliner pen and two lipsticks (I’m keeping my NYX red one, so went for a plum colour and a neutral colour for work).

I was so excited to test out my products, that I decided that one random Thursday morning I would. And guys, I even attempted winged eyeliner! It was a total fail, although winged eyeliner does highlight that my eyes are two different shapes (astigmatism, who knew!) I love spending money in NYX cosmetics, the products are just so good, easy to apply, creative. I’m loyal to the brand.

So I guess this step one of a multi step process to get my mental health back on top. Step two would be to actually de clutter my room. Step three would be to get back into an active gym routine (blog post pending) and step four is to socialise more with the people I want to socialise with, instead of forced and false social situations with people I don’t care about.

You may notice in these photos that my skin is uncontrollably bad (for my standards anyway) and it is probably due to stress but if anyone has any products that help to reduce spots, please let me know in the comments below. I am really trying to become an active member of society again and not let my mental health dictate my happiness and I hope you are all inspired to do the same.

Keep an eye out for my fitness journey, for my movie reviews and all sorts. I’ll also be posting a brief update about my life at the end of August, so we’ll see how much things have changed by then.

Keep sparkling! xo

Mamma Mia: a review

Mamma Mia 2 has single handedly saved my life and I can’t explain this feeling. Perfect casting, perfect song choice, perfect everything.

We return to the island of Kalikeri exactly 10 years later, where a 30 year old Sophie is planning the hotel reopening, rebranded with the name ‘Hotel Bella Donna’. We learn early on that Donna passed away the year earlier (at the ripe old age of 52, what the hell) and we aren’t given any specifics of how she dies of why. I’m assuming it’s a narrative plot to get Sophie back into the island.

Sophie and Sky are having marital issues, due to him being in New York and her in Greece, and it looks to be that way for the unforeseeable future. Sam Carmichael is still on the island, and the transformation to the hotel is absolutely unreal. It had a real essence of Donna about it.

We meet young Donna, perfectly cast as Lily James if you ask me. She is graduating from Oxford University with her two best friends Tanya and Rosie. Who knew that Donna was an Oxford grad?! Not me. Lily absolutely smashed this role, and considering how much pressure must’ve been on her to get it right, I think she absolutely nailed it. Go Lily!

The flashback narrative unfolds with her graduation, and then we see her yearning for something more. She settles on a trip to Paris, where she meets Harry. Did anyone else think that Donna met Sam first? I always thought that they met first but it turns out she met him last. Anyway, cue Harry Bright, Mr Spontaneous, working in a bank with a silly haircut who is smitten with Donna from their first encounter and he somehow sweet talks his way into her bed, probably the only girl he was ever with. Donna sneaks out the next day, and takes her adventure to Greece, to ‘fall off the edge of the world.’

She misses the boat from Athens to Kalikeri, as we see happen many a time throughout both films. She happens to meet Bill, the young Scandinavian hottie with cheek bones to die for. He is taken with Donna instantly, and they have their own adventure together on the boat ride to the island. Donna stands her ground with Bill, who clearly wants something more than a friendship, if you catch my drift. He drops her off and promises to return in 3 weeks after his sailing competition.

When Donna meets Sam, there is a flurry of romance, a whirl wind. They meet in the rain, for a start, and then both help to calm down a horse that has been frightened by the rain. In the present day, a storm has hit Kalikeri and destroyed all Sophie’s preparation for the grand hotel reopening. She feels like she’s let her mother down, until Sam comes along to help her put things back together that have been destroyed, however they can’t get any guests because of the poor weather, and everything seems to be going wrong.

We return to Donna and Sam’s romance, and she has secured herself a singing job in a local bar (which later becomes the hotel, the bar is also owned by Bill’s aunt Sophia – this isn’t confirmed but is very obviously a fact). She’s falling in love, until she finds out that Sam is actually engaged. She sends him packing, heartbroken. Enter Rosie and Tanya to cheer her up.

I don’t want to give the entire plot away so now I’ll talk about the songs. Spoiler alert: they aren’t the hits. Most of the popular/famous songs were used in the last movie, so unless we wanted an actual copycat film, this was what we were getting in terms of songs. To be honest I thought they were fab choices. Knowing me, knowing you. Angel eyes. When I kissed the teacher. Lily James and Amanda Seyfried carried most of the musical numbers, but Jeremy Irvine as Young Sam has the voice of a canary. Can’t wait to see what happens for his career, plus he lives in London so maybe I can marry him.

This sequel changed my freaking life. It’s full of love and laughter and will make you cry and wish Sky was your boyfriend (not for the first time).

Treat your ears, watch this film.

The Incredibles 2: a review

I saw The Incredibles 2 last night and it lived up to every single expectation I had. For 13 years I’ve been waiting for this sequel, and I was delighted to see that the second film picked up exactly where the first film finished. 13 years had passed and yet it felt like no time at all. However, here’s hoping that the next sequel is the children a grown up and still fighting bad ass crime with their parents. Or maybe they could be estranged, and The Incredibles 3 could be about then returning to each other after all this time. Maybe I should write the third script and make it a trilogy.

I just can’t explain how incredible the sequel was – bad joke intended by the way. It is indescribable. Just go and see it. Just do yourselves a favour and watch the best Disney Pixar movie since Up.

Jack Jack’s makes the entire film. He is funny and cute and his powers are examined in a deeper way in this film. Absolutely incredible.

This is a film for all the family, and in fact there were two children sitting in front of me in the cinema, absolutely mesmerised by the actions in play. The narrative was simple yet fantastic and left things to the imagination but were also predictable and fun.

I whole heartedly recommend everyone to see this film. It is definitely in my top 3 best films from this year.

Goodbye for now xo

Ocean’s Eight: a review

I saw ocean’s eight and it was okay…

I’d wanted to see it since I saw the trailer, and having spoken to many people who said ‘I haven’t heard good things about that’ but not actually having heard the bad things myself, I decided that enough was enough and I would make my own opinion of it.

It starts with a shot of Sandra Bullock’s character (Debbie) in a parole hearing, having spent 5 or so years in jail for a crime not yet revealed. She is deadpan, and reveals that if she were to be released that she would ‘only want the simple life’. This is clearly a lie, but it feels like a secret only her and the audience is a part of.

The narrative moves on her to being released, but clearly her ways haven’t changed (and thank god am I right) as she swindles her way into a posh hotel stay, and then later we see her shoplift in plain sight with some fancy make up and perfume products, on the pretence that she is returning them but hasn’t got her receipt. Pretty clever actually…

Later we meet Lou, an Australian confidante with a knack for watering down vodka. The two women are fierce and powerful, clearly partners from their old schemes. Debbie reveals her plan to Lou, who takes some convincing but does get on board eventually.

The next part of the plan is to gather 5 additional woman, a designer, a hacker, a slight of hand wizard, a truck jacker and a diamond expert. Together they will rob Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) at the Met Gala, having organised the best and most impossible heist of all. Debbie chooses an all female group because ‘for once we want to go unnoticed’.

The plot thickens. Other cast members are introduced. Back stories and narratives are revealed. Claude Becker is the reason Debbie ended up in jail and he ends up being Daphne’s date for the Met Gala. The plot thickens indeed.

I lowered my expectations slightly before entering the cinema to see this film. The plot was great, the ensemble cast was brilliant, the girl power was well shown, but for some reason I just felt ‘meh’ about it. I know that ‘meh’ is not a describing word but that’s how I felt.

I would watch it again, but I’ll probably wait for it to come out on Netflix/Now TV/Amazon Video, I won’t be purchasing it.

If you’ve seen the film and want to talk about it, please let me know in the comments box below!

Until next time xoxo

A brief update

Okay y’all you asked for it. Here’s a brief update about my dating life:

Nothing is happening and I’m bored.

I went on a date that was lovely and then was ghosted. I don’t get it.

I’ve had some issues with an ex recently which highlighted how immature and nasty he was. Thank goodness I didn’t end up moving to Brighton to be with him.

I’ve been casually flirting with a guy who works at my gym but so far that’s all been really PG.

I could potentially have a crush on someone who is not fictional, not a celebrity and not a dead fictional character or celebrity. He’s a real person. I might be excited.

I would like to find someone who’s fun and can keep me on my toes but I’m not very good at looking for them.

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