Josie’s Life Hacks

⁃ Smile at strangers.

⁃ Have one caffeine free day every week.

⁃ Have courage, be kind.

⁃ Listen to good music.

⁃ Surround yourself with people who bring you up, not pull you down.

⁃ Never go to bed angry or upset.

⁃ Drink more water than you think you need.

⁃ Eat your vegetables.

⁃ Do your squats.

⁃ Wear red lipstick.

⁃ Don’t let boys be mean to you.

⁃ Read. Read lots. Read everything.

⁃ Put yourself first sometimes.

⁃ Travel.

⁃ Take photos.

⁃ Always choose love.

⁃ Don’t self destruct.

⁃ Tell the people you love that you love them.

– Always put your happiness above everything else. You cannot put a price on your mental health.


I’m about to tell you why Ross Geller is the WORST character on Friends…

Reasons why Ross Geller sucks:

⁃ The whole ‘we were on a break’ plot. Just no, if you love someone, you don’t sleep with someone else when you have a fight. Even if you think you are broken up.

⁃ Ben is playing with a barbie doll and that means he’s going to be gay oh boo hoo my masculinity is so fragile.

⁃ Said. Someone. Else’s. Name. At. The. Altar!!!!

⁃ Then got mad at Emily for not wanting him to hang out with Rachel- his ex and the girl who’s name he said instead of Emily’s.

⁃ Waited 15 seconds after Joey and Charlie broke up before pouncing on her.

⁃ Got awkward and blah when Joey and Rachel started to date. Hypocrisy!

⁃ Hypocrite about everything. Ben isn’t allowed a Barbie but Ross used to dress up as a woman and have tea parties.

⁃ Continues to belittle his friends when they don’t know/want to talk about dinosaurs.

⁃ Is actually really shallow.

⁃ Counted the amount of times he and Rachel had sex like a creep.

⁃ Was. Obsessed. With. Her.

⁃ Completely dropped Ben from his life when he had Emma with Rachel.

⁃ Doesn’t know the value of consent and kissed Rachel when she was asleep/unconscious (even though it turned out to be Monica but still).

⁃ Ross’s constant sexism and his issue with the male nanny.

⁃ His absurd jealousy over Rachel working with Mark even though Rachel told him 100 times that she didn’t have feelings for Mark and that they were only friends.

⁃ Ross insisting on attending that fashion lecture with her so that Mark wouldn’t go and then falling asleep through it.

⁃ He also fell asleep reading through the letter she wrote him, when she was exposing her vulnerable side and feelings about their situation.

⁃ The fact that he essentially sexually harassed Rachel during the scene where she injured her rib and still has to get ready for an event and she asks Ross to turn around while she gets ready and he refuses because ‘he’s already seen her naked so why does it matter’ and when Rachel explains that it’s different because they aren’t together now, Ross closes his eyes and imagines her naked instead, even though Rachel is clearly upset and uncomfortable by it.

⁃ When he saw Rachel walking around in her apartment naked and assumed that it was an invitation for sex, even though Rachel had not clue that Ross was watching.

⁃ He’s homophobic towards his ex wife just because she left him to be with a woman. Refuses to call her a lesbian and instead says Carol and Susan are ‘close friends’.

⁃ He tried to hook up with his cousin. I mean come on, that’s disgusting.

⁃ He creepily pretended to be a massage therapist because he thought the client was hot. Joke’s on you Ross, you had to give an old man a massage.

I let my friend do my make up and she painted me as a galaxy…

Hi there, thank you for tuning in again and being so interactive on my posts! I thought I’d tell you how I spent my Saturday (24th March).

My friend Leigh-Anne is a budding make up artist. She is SUPER talented and this weekend I let her lose on my face and body. The theme for my face was ‘evening style’ and then Leigh-Anne used her imagination and my love for the galaxy to paint my body.

She used an airbrush tool, and created a natural make up look for me with a subtle lip and eye combination.

I am terrible at doing my make up, I usually just slide some eyeshadow over my eyes, put on some mascara and call it a day – however Leigh-Anne took time and care over my profile. She knew exactly what she was doing to create a look that she knew I would like. The best part was that it didn’t even feel like I was wearing make up!

The next stage was the body point. First, Leigh-Anne used black body paint in her air brush tool, and sprayed my right arm and most of my shoulder and collarbone. She had to cover my tattoos and any cuts/bruises/scars I had- which was a great testament to the teaching she’s received over the last 25 weeks or so. Then she sprayed a silver glitter on top of the black paint, which left a shimmer that can only be describe as an exact science. Next she mixed 3 shades of purple and put it over various areas of my arm, and then again with some blue. The end product was absolutely incredible- Leigh-Anne practically painted the entire galaxy on my arm. She even included the constellation of my star sign, because she knew me. She knows her client.

She is going to be an incredibly successful make up artist one day, can’t wait to see her looks slaying on the red carpet.

If you want to see her work, go and follow her on Instagram: prettypalemakeup

NYX cosmetics haul

Last months payday saw me treating myself to some new cosmetics, and since NYX allow free delivery on orders over £30, I couldn’t help but splurge on some products!

I treated myself to:

– an eyelash curler (£5.50)

– worth the hype volumising & lengthening mascara (£9.00)

– jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean & Rust (£5.50 each)

– pin up pout lipstick in the shade Lucy (£3.50)

– lip of the day liquid lip liner in the shade Heatwave (£3.25)

First, let’s discuss the mascara. I think this product is great, especially for me with my short eyelashes. This mascara creates volume and length, just like it says in the title. And once paired with the eyelash curler, the end result is an actual dream come true.

The eyeshadow sticks/jumbo pencils are fantastic too. I am terrible at applying make up so if even I can apply eyeshadow, then the product is wonderful! The black bean comes out really harsh, so if you prefer the dramatic look then this is the product for you. The rust comes out in a rose gold colour, and I tend to use this eyeshadow stick for a more day to day style.

I really enjoy the brightness of the pin up pout lipstick, and the colour matches the title perfectly. I feel like Marilyn Monroe whenever I wear it.

However, I didn’t get on with the liquid lip liner. It had a strange taste to it, and the brush is almost too flimsy to use. Make up artists with more skills than I can probably wield the wand, however I struggled, so it isn’t a product I’ll be using again.

I think NYX is my favourite male up brand. I could easily spend every penny I earn there, so I should say ‘tune in next time’ because no doubt there’ll be another NYX cosmetic review after pay day this month.


Everything’s coming up Grennan…

Last night marks the third time I have watched Tom Grennan perform live, and he just gets better and better with every gig. His vocals are pure, and raw, and his lyrics are epic. Altogether it’s a killer ensemble, especially with Howard Eastwood’s skilled fingers bursting out wicked melodies on the keys.

I have broken my rule. Usually I try not to see the same artist over and over (at least not until I’ve seen someone new) but when it comes to Tommy G I just can’t stay away. In cases like this, I have ended up buying tickets to more shows before I’ve even been to the first ones.

I have seen him perform at Bush Hall, KoKo and now The Waterfront. I actually travelled to Norwich for the weekend so that I could see him perform. And boy did he perform.

Tom Grennan has so much character that comes across in bounds while he plays. He’s funny, charming, and has a severe potty mouth – all that adds to his incredible stage presence. Every time I see him my mind is blown. It is an honour to be a St Mary’s alumni with you!

Tom truly is an inspiration too. He is 22 years old and comes from a little town in Bedford, discovered he enjoyed singing (and was good at it) while doing some karaoke and is now blowing up all over the world. He’s played some pretty major festivals and the line up for his career is only growing. His degree in drama shows through his charismatic stage presence and confidence in himself.

With the sold out UK tour happening now, make sure you catch him at O2 Brixton Academy on October 16th- it’s going to be one hell of a show!

Congratulations Tom- this couldn’t have happened to a better bloke!

Dr Organic: a review

So, I know I’m awful because I haven’t posted for nearly a year – oops – so please enjoy this product review from something I tested at the weekend!

I was gifted this product by a friend of mine, who did not want me to use that Instagram pore removal product on my skin. I didn’t listen to him and of course he was right. Do not use the product that has been trending on instagram, especially if you have sensitive skin!

Instead use this: Dr Organic activated charcoal pore cleansing mask. It is amazing, and pain free! Just put a thin layer all over your face (or you can just focus on your problem areas) and leave it on until it’s dry. I paired the experience with a warm bath (with 2-3 drops of baby oil in to sort out my dry and sensitive skin).

I didn’t even have to do my usual moisturising routine after my bath because my body was soft from the baby oil and my face was soft from the mask. I whole heartedly recommend this product! Especially because lately my skin has been threatening to break out in rashes and has a tendency to turn bright red.

After I used the mask, my skin felt and looked noticeably better. I don’t usually suffer badly with my pores, just redness and irritation- and I noticed an immediate improvement after I used the Dr Organic problem. It doesn’t peel off like the Instagram mask, you can wash it off in warm water and it doesn’t take much hard graft to remove.

So what are you waiting for? Pick yours up at Holland & Barrett for £6.99.


Guys I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much recently! Or promoted myself much, but I got an internship! 

I’m working with the events team for Parkinson’s UK and it’s quite full on, I’m loving every minute of it but I’m just getting really tired because of having to babysit most days to earn some money!

Anyway, I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive- I’m going to do better, scouts honour! 

Morale Boosters

Things I do when I’m feeling sad:

  • Create new food recipes in my head, to save for a later date.
  • Bake peanut butter cookies.
  • Phone one of my best friends, they always say the right things to cheer me up.
  • Watch one of the early Harry Potter films.
  • Read a new book.
  • Get off the Internet for a while.
  • Channel my emotions into words and create something brilliant.
  • Tidy/rearrange/redecorate my bedroom.
  • Have a nap.
  • Make a list.
  • Watch a sit-com.
  • Have a bubble bath, paint my nails, have a pampering session.
  • Look up cheap flights to random places.
  • Go through my baby photos/videos.
  • Talk to my mum.
  • Try on my clothes.
  • Go for a long walk.
  • Listen to some soft pop music, such as Vance Joy and Jack Johnson.
  • Drink a can of Dr Pepper.
  • Put on fluffy socks.
  • Make plans for themed parties.
  • Plan my future wedding.
  • Go to the cinema, with someone, alone, it doesn’t matter.
  • Eat jaffa cakes.
  • Drink some herbal tea.

Lone Wolf: a review


                  Lone Wolf is an emotional novel with the themes of family, trust and independency running strongly throughout; the audience is forced to take sides between a family feud. Each sibling wants their father’s condition to be dealt with in different ways. Cara, the youngest of the two, wants to care for her father after his car accident, yet her elder brother Edward thinks it is more ethical to switch off the life support and leave him to his peace.

                   The problem is then taken to a court case, and the audience sympathises with both of the siblings. Cara is a minor, and this is why her pleas were not accounted for, whereas Edward is old enough to make his own decisions, and after having been given permission to say ‘he wants to die’ a few years previously, the courts granted him the decision to terminate Luke Warren’s life support.

                   This novel entails both sides of the story, giving the audience a huge tug at their heart strings as they understand Cara’s reasoning for wanting to keep Luke alive; he was the only family she had left, and she felt like a stranger in her mother’s new life with her new family. Cara’s argument against her brother making the decision was that he hadn’t lived with them for 6 years, so therefore Edward cannot be allowed to hold the responsibility of his father’s life, according to Cara.

                   While reading Lone Wolf, I found that I was captivated by the story line and Cara’s connection to her father moved me, while I discovered the secrets hidden within their family which had caused Edward to leave all those years ago. The deception between the family is revealed to the readers and we are hit with the shock factor of the pain in which this family has endured. Luke Warren’s obsession with his wolves placed a massive strain on his first family, and Edward soon discovered that he was having meaningless affairs. The night Edward left, was the night he discovered Luke’s antics, having gone to find his dad to tell him he is gay. Once he returned home, his mother just assume that it hadn’t gone well, and Edward left home, only to return 6 years later for his father’s accident.

                   The emotional elements in this novel are clearly displayed throughout each paragraph; each line of text is swimming with heart and emotion. Jodi Picoult has put her entire being into this book, just as she does with every other novel she has written. Jodi has a specific writing technique, that makes her novels unique and with a huge depth of emotion. The lingering cliff hangers she leaves at the end of chapters and sections in the novel give the audience the shock factor that her books so greatly deserve.

                   Overall, Lone Wolf is one of my favourite Jodi Picoult reads yet, and I would give it a total of 5 out of 5 stars. The emotional levels in the novel just overwhelmed me and I felt completely connected to each and every character, the power of her words are inspirational and deeply moving.


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